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Strategic Advisory Services

  • Risk Program Strategy & Development
  • Risk Program Assessment & Gap Analysis
  • IT & Operational Risk Assessments
  • Continuity & Recovery Capabilities Assessments
  • IT Datacenter Strategy & Transformation

Implementation & Project Management Services:

  • Fusion Framework Implementation & Customization
  • Contingency Plan Development - IT DR, BCP, Emergency Response, Crisis Management, and more
  • Contingency Plan Testing
  • Audit & Compliance Preparation
  • Program Enhancement & Remediation

It’s always challenging to get a diverse group of executives to reach a consensus on any major strategic decision. Fusion’s methodology and crisp presen-tation of our situation made the correct course of action an obvious choice for everyone present. We made the decision on the spot!”
– Worldwide Supplier of Circuit Protection Products

Fusion has done more for us in 60 days than the other guys did in a year!”
– Worldwide Leader in Unified Collaboration Solutions


Fusion Consulting Services

Fusion Risk Management provides world-class consulting services including Strategic Advisory Services, and Implementation and Project Management Services.

Strategic Advisory Services

Many organizations are challenged to find more efficient, effective and economical ways to achieve their risk management objectives. Often organizations require a fresh perspective, a different approach, or the expertise of an objective third party to lead them through the decision-making process.

Fusion provides Risk Program Assessment and Gap Analysis as well as IT and Operational Risk Assessment services to help our clients clearly understand not only the threats and impacts, but also the maturity of controls in place and desired, the alignment of key risks to the processes and products and services on which they are dependent. By applying the power of the Fusion Framework and aligning metrics with our client’s key performance indicators, Fusion can identify, organize, and quantify your program’s strengths and weaknesses. Rather than delivering assessments as an isolated project, Fusion leverages the Fusion Framework to make our assessment the foundation of a living risk profile, eliminating the need to conduct traditional BIA’s year after year while providing a continuously relevant perspective on risks and controls.

Fusion provides Risk Program Strategy and Development services to help companies act on findings from an assessment, execute a strategic initiative to raise the standard for risk management, or consolidate risk management initiatives to drive efficiency, reduce cost, and improve results. Fusion specializes in business-driven strategies that start with the information and reporting requirements of executive management and extend down through alignment of the risk management program with the company’s business model.

IT is a nerve center for most organizations and is therefore often primary source of risk. As companies grow, IT risks generally grow exponentially. Fortunately, cost-effective options exist to reduce the likelihood, impact and duration of an outage. Whether the right strategy for your organization is to build, buy or procure datacenter services, Fusion’s experts can help you develop and execute the strategy that best fits your needs. Fusion’s IT Datacenter Strategy and Transformation services range from needs analysis, alternatives development, and vendor negotiation to project management and implementation support. Fusion’s partners can provide everything from architecture and design of facilities and technical infrastructures to site selection and build to suit.

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Implementation and Project Management Services

It’s one thing to put a strategy together. It’s another to implement that strategy. Fusion’s partners have developed literally hundreds of risk management programs and have endless contacts in the industry to make nearly anything possible.

The Fusion Framework provides the foundation for active management of any program and Fusion provides a full suite of complementary services to ensure that our customers realize the potential of our platform. Our Framework Implementation and Customization services cover everything from initial setup and training to customization services that deliver custom fields, reports and dashboards. Implementation can also include implementation of user-defined workflows to set the program up updates and improvements at preset intervals. Fusion is so committed to the Implementation and Customization process that we will credit the monthly software bill until we get it working right. No more shelf ware or underperforming software expense!

In distributed organizations, contingency planning can be a real challenge. Fusion’s Contingency Planning services provide world class plans in a fraction of the time by leveraging our extensive experience and powerful plan development and management features in the Fusion Framework. Fusion typically takes less than half the time and uses less than half of the client resources to build high quality plans, when compared with traditional methods. Moreover, Fusion’s plans are much more sustainable and don’t require expensive consulting resources to maintain.

Many organizations are staffed to run their day to day businesses and are challenged to execute one-time projects that may require special skills. Fusion can provide Program Enhancement and Remediation services to implement projects that close gaps an reduce risk. Our services have included a wide array of transformational services including implementing redundant network capabilities to implanting primary and backup data storage solutions to implementing high availability solutions for critical business systems.

The viability of a set of risk controls is most important when put to the test of a real live disruption. More frequently, organizations have to provide reports and pass audits. Fusion provides Audit & Compliance Preparation, as well as Contingency Plan Testing services to ensure that the investments have made will deliver the desired results.

Overall, Fusion’s services are designed to ensure that your organization is focused on the right priorities, and that your investments to mitigate risk are effective, efficient and economical.

Contact Fusion today to learn more.

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