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Why is the market buzzing about the Fusion Framework System?

The Fusion Framework System renders conventional measures obsolete by delivering better results in less time with lower costs.  

Surprised? Don't be.

Consider the status quo. Today your business continuity, disaster recovery and risk management programs are most likely fragmented and mired in a bottom's up approach that lacks the focus, participation, and/or collaboration necessary to reach its potential.

How do we know?

We see the problems you live with every day. We see the challenges in assessing and quantifying risks. We see the fire drills to create reports and respond to audits. We see the frustration as business cases get bounced back or ignored. We see plans begin to decay the day they are "complete" with no realistic process to maintain and evolve. We see fiscal constraints that limit the funds available for outside consulting. And we see the output of programs sitting on shelves providing no real value. Sound familiar?

How are we different?

Fusion combines advisory consulting and implementation services designed to position you for success, not create an enduring dependency on our advisors.
The Fusion Framework provides the most innovative and cost-effective platform for managing risk, and building plans and programs.
We start with the business problem and don't stop until we have delivered the total solution.
Our system was conceived and developed in the Cloud on one of the most evolved and dependable platforms ever built.
There is no software to purchase or servers to deploy, and user license pricing is a fraction of the cost of less capable software that may now be sitting on your shelf!
Fusion will deliver...guaranteed!

Contact us today to schedule an executive briefing on how Fusion can dramatically improve your Risk Management program.

BCI 2012 Most Innovative Product of the Year AwardBCI 2013 Most Innovative Product of the Year Award

Fusion Framework System™ again
wins BCI Innovation Award

The Business Continuity Institute has again recognized Fusion Risk Management with the prestigious "Most Innovative Product of the Year" award for the second year running.

Why does Fusion continue to lead the industry in technology innovation? Click here to learn more.

Fusion Founder Honored
with FBCI Membership

Fusion's John Jackson was recently recognized as an honorary Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (FBCI) for his leadership and vision in the Business Continuity industry.

John Jackson is also sole recipient of the BCI Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the BCI in 2012.


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Executive Guide to
Business Continuity Management

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 Fusion Framework System

Simply the most flexible, functional, and easy to use risk management and contingency planning system ever built.

The Fusion Framework delivers:

An innovative organizational model that makes risk management and contingency planning integrated and manageable.
A dynamic repository for all types of risk and risk management information.
A powerful and flexible reporting engine that delivers the information you need to manage, to the people who need to make risk-based decisions.
The tools and workflows to build contingency plans for emergency and crisis management, environmental health and safety, business continuity, disaster recovery and more.
Simple and effective ways to quickly build, improve, replicate and export plans and profiles.
Advanced social networking features to enhance communication and collaboration.
Web services API's to integrate with nearly any contemporary business application.

The Fusion Framework provides the platform for integrating and organizing your risk management program to drive efficiencies, improve quality, and reduce cost and risk.

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Fusion is Hiring

We seek high-energy passionate individuals with the desire to bring transformational solutions to enterprise customers.

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Fusion News & Events

MIR3 Intelligent Notification for Fusion Framework System
MIR3, Inc. and Fusion Risk Management Partner to Deliver Fully Integrated Business Continuity Management and Intelligent Notification Solution
More Info

Continuity Insights Management Conference 2014
April 28-30, 2014
New Orleans, LA
Featured Speakers:
David Nolan, CEO & Bob Sibik, Sr. VP, Fusion Risk Management
More Info

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 Fusion Consulting Services

Fusion Risk Management delivers world-class strategic and tactical advisory consulting services that enable the enterprise to reduce cost, manage risk and become resilient.

Strategic Advisory Services:

Risk Program Strategy & Development
Risk Program Assessment & Gap Analysis
IT & Operational Risk Assessments
Continuity & Recovery Capabilities Assessments
IT Datacenter Strategy & Transformation

Implementation & Project Management Services:

Fusion Framework Implementation & Customization
Contingency Plan Development - IT DR, BCP, Emergency Response, Crisis Management, and more.
Contingency Plan Testing
Audit & Compliance Preparation
Program Enhancement & Remediation

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Satisfied Clients

“Fusion is one of the best solution providers we've ever worked with - they have helped us change the way we view our business risks and delivered beyond expectations.”
– Leading Online Brokerage

“The usability of the Fusion Framework is head and shoulders above conventional contingency planning tools - and their flexible licensing model makes it easy to engage everyone we need.”
– Mid-Tier Distributor

“The Fusion Framework System is such an improvement over what we've had to deal with - it's now very easy to review all of our plans.”
– Large Enterprise Insurance Firm

“There is just no way typical GRC tools can do what you're showing, they’re simply not wired for it!”
– Global Financial Services Firm

“Fusion understands our business problem better than anyone else and they provide us with the best solution on the market.”
– F500 Financial Services Firm

“In a couple of months we gained a program that makes it look like we've been doing this for five years!”
– F500 Manufacturer


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